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Mortgage Loans

    See us first for this important life step.

    If you’re a first-time buyer, we’ll help explain the process. If you’re moving up, refinancing, or even downsizing, we have a product right for you. No matter your budget, we’ll be with you every step of the way, ready to assist.

    Gain peace-of-mind savings and personal service:

    • Rest easy knowing you’re working with people who care.
    • We’ll explain every step, so you feel confident.
    • We take the time to learn about you and your needs.
    • Take advantage of competitive rates and terms.

    Choose the term that fits your needs:

    • Traditional, fixed-rate mortgages of 10 to 30 years
    • Save with low rates and a set payment amount

    Consider refinancing

    If you’re comfortable in your home, we can help with an easy refinance at a lower rate and payment – or a shorter term so you can pay off your home faster.

    MAFCU Mortgage Loans

    Mortgage Options

    To Fit Your Life

    Buying a home is the American dream. And at Manville Area Federal Credit Union, we’ve been helping members achieve their dream of homeownership since 1939.  There are many impactful reasons to choose us for your mortgage: we’re experienced in real estate lending, we know the greater Manville area, and we know you! If you’re buying a home or refinancing, consider tapping into our expertise and a personal level of service you can only receive from MAFCU.

    Apply for a Mortgage

    Borrowers will need to provide documentation of their income, employment status, credit history, and other financial information. The credit union will then evaluate their application and determine whether they qualify for a loan and what their interest rate and repayment terms will be.

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    MAFCU What can I do with a Mortgage Loan

    What can I do with a Mortgage Loan?

    A mortgage loan from Manville Area Federal Credit Union is a type of loan used to purchase or refinance a home. These loans are secured by the property itself, which means that if the borrower fails to make payments, the lender can foreclose on the property to recoup their losses.

    Manville Area FCU offers a variety of mortgage loan options to help members purchase a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment property, as well as to refinance an existing mortgage.

    Adjustable Rate Mortgages

    The credit union offers fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Fixed-rate mortgages offer a stable interest rate and predictable payments over the life of the loan, while adjustable-rate mortgages have lower initial interest rates that can adjust over time based on market conditions.

    MAFCU Adjustable Rate Mortgages
    MAFCU Competitive Interest Rates

    Competitive Interest Rates

    Getting a mortgage loan from Manville Area Federal Credit Union can be a great way to purchase a home or refinance an existing mortgage. With a variety of loan options, competitive interest rates, and personalized support, the credit union can help members find the right loan for their needs and achieve their homeownership goals. However, it’s important to carefully consider your financial situation and the terms of the loan before applying, and to make your payments on time to avoid defaulting on the loan and potentially losing your home.


    Competitive Rates & Flexible Terms

    One of the benefits of getting a mortgage loan from Manville Area Federal Credit Union is that they offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms. This can help borrowers save money on interest charges and make their payments more manageable over time.