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Protect Yourself

    Protect Yourself & Your Debit Card

    Keep the checklist handy

    Do Not let your debit card out of your sight

    This includes handing over your debit card to a waiter/waitress, gas station attendant or anyone else that will take your card out of your sight to complete your transaction.

    Do Not Use Suspicious Atm’s

    Avoid ATM’s that appear to be dirty or in disrepair, have unusual signage (such as instructions to enter your Pin twise or other unusual instructions), or ATM’s that appear to have been altered (crooked, unusual attachments, loose or damaged)

    Do Not Make Purchases In Free Wifi Hotspots.

    There are many convenient WiFi hotspots available but they aren’t always safe. Refrain from making purchases or logging into anything with sensitive information while using them.

    Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

    Avoid entering your PIN when strangers are in the vicinity. Cover the key pad with your free hand while entering your PIN to block a camera or another individual from seeing the numbers you entered.

    Shop On Secure Websites Only

    These website will start with https in the address. Also look for the padlock icon in the browser bar.

    Do Not Send Sensitive Information via e-mail

    Personal Or Financial Information Through E-mail. Typical emails are not encrypted and therefore can be compromised during transmission.

    Do Not Click On Strange Links

    Don’t click links on your cell phone or e-mail claiming that you won a prize or gift card.

    Keep your Account Info Up to Date

    Keep your contact information updated with your financial institution.

    Beware of using your debit card at these places at all costs:

    • Independent ATM’s (not owned by a financial institution)
    • Gas Stations
    • Restaurants

    Use the Credit Option

    Use your debit card as “credit” whenever possible.