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Fee Schedule

Basic Fees

Mobile Banking and deposit captureFREE
Bill PayerFREE
Audio ResponseFREE
Debit Card TransactionsFREE
Notary ServiceFREE
VISA Gift / Travel Cards$2.00 / $4.00 each
Returned Deposit Item$10.00
Debit / ATM Withdrawal$1.00
Replace ATM or Debit Card$5.00
PIN # Replacement$2.00
Cashier Check 3rd Party$5.00
Copy of Cashier Check$10.00
Copy of Previous StatementFirst 3 months FREE - $3.00 per statement thereafter
Dormant Account Fee$3.00 per month
(after 12 months of inactivity)
Early Account Closing Fee$25.00
(within 6 months of account opening)
Phone Transfer Between Accounts$2.00
Fax Service$1.00 per page
Photocopies$0.10 per page
Account Research$25.00 per hour
Mail Returned Undeliverable$5.00 per month
Money Orders$1.00 each
Outgoing Wires - Domestic$15.00
Overnight Delivery$25.00
Loan Late Payment Fee$10.00 minimum
International Debit Card Transaction Fee1% of transaction
Levy / Garnishment Fee$25.00
Paper Statement Fee$2.00
Subordination Fee$25.00
UPS Delivery Feeup to $45.00

Outgoing Wires

Services Fees
DomesticMINIMUM $ 15.00

MAFCU Checking

Services Fees
Check or ACH Returned for Insufficient Funds$20.00 per item
Stop Payment Request$10.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer$5.00 per occurrence
Payment on Uncollected Funds$5.00
Provisional CreditUp to $20.00 per item
Copy of Cleared Check$1.00
Copy of Cleared Check
(more than 1 year old)
Negative Balance Fee$5.00